The Deets on Dieter

Dieter Foerstner joined the Hap & Harry’s as Master Brewer, head of production in 2017. The charismatic Master Brewer brought more than 10 years of professional brewing experience to the Nashville-based brewery. The family-owned business with the motto “Great friends, Great Beer” really resonates with Deiter.

A native of Arizona, Dieter graduated from the Master Brewers program at UC Davis and began his career as an Assistant Brewer for Gordon Biersch. He was quickly promoted to Head Brewer in Tempe, AZ, where he refined his skills as a Lager brewer.

In 2012, Dieter moved to Los Angeles, where he assisted in the reopening of Angel City Brewery. Dieter’s creative beer styles and innovative brewing techniques earned him the moniker of “Willy Wonka” of the LA beer scene.

Deiter then took his talents to a passion project: the re-opening of Tivoli Brewery in Denver, CO. As the oldest brewery in the state, Tivoli shuttered its doors in 1969. It took Dieter and his team over a year to rebuild the Brewery to its original, nationally-registered, historical location. On top of serving as Brew Master of this project, Dieter also worked together with Metropolitan State University of Denver to help establish and create a new degree of brewing curriculum.

When not working his butt off at the brewery, Dieter enjoys going to shows, travel, collecting hats (he’s a devotee of hatWRKS in Nashville), and long cruises by way of his longboard, bicycle, or automobile. He loves a well-crafted, expertly executed Pilsner. Ever since his days in L.A., he has crafted unique Pilsners in honor of his father, who passed in 2018.  As his dad would say, in his thick German accent, “DeeTuh, your beer is alright, but ven are you going to brew me a Pilsner”… Dieter has certainly proven he can do that, and so much more!